Retwisst Recycled T-Shirt Yarn

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T-shirt Yarn was the first  product of Retwisst. They took the first step into the recycle industry with this yarn. By using recycled T-shirt Yarn, you can contribute to the environment and yourself. Because T-shirt yarn is produced from fabric remnants of textile companies without chemical processes. The production surplus comes as fibers or as fabric pieces. These products are sorted by quality and assembled in our factory.

To crochet or knit with T-shirt Yarn is very easy because of its thickness. You can end up your projects in very short time. If you don’t like the finished project or you are tired of it then just rip it and crochet another design. Your yarn won’t have any damage by ripping. This will give you the chance to try to crochet again and again new designs.

Retwisst T-shirt Yarn is perfect for projects like baskets, bags, rugs, poufs, mats, jewelry items etc. There is no limit to what you can crochet or knit with T-shirt Yarn, it only depends on your creativity.