Lantern Moon Ebony Single Ended Crochet Hook


Lantern Moon Ebony Single Ended Crochet Hook

These Lantern Moon single ended Crochet Hooks are made from ebony, one of the world’s most precious and valuable woods. Like all the Lantern Moon needles and hooks, the ebony crochet hook has that ‘liquid silk’ finish that guarantees a smooth snag free crochet experience, no matter the yarn or material used.

Great attention is given to the detailed hand finishing of the hook end to guarantee ease of working with all fibre types. Thanks the warmth of ebony wood it is very easy on the hand so can be used continuously without any hand fatigue.

Handcrafted Ebony Perfection

Renowned for their beauty and strength ebony offers a truly unparalleled crafting experience, gliding through stitches with ease.Experience the difference of the liquid silk finish, meticulously hand polished surface, warm to touch and gentle on your hands. Free from yarn snags for hours of seamless crochet. Each hook is expertly crafted and tapered for excellent yarn control which remains for every perfect stitch.